Why Is Snorkeling Clothing An Essential Product

- Apr 25, 2018 -

- Sun protection: The sunshine of the islands around the world is sufficient, that is to say, the ultraviolet rays are also very turbulent, which makes you turn black in minutes. The snorkeling suit uses quick-drying sunscreen fabrics, equivalent to 50 times the sun protection index. Wearing a snorkel suit does not need to worry about the waterproof effect of sunscreen or the evenness of sunscreen application.

Do you think that snorkeling clothes only have sun protection and good looks? Knock on the blackboard to continue focusing.

- Protection: When the snorkel area is shallow, it is easy to encounter corals. The snorkeling suit can also protect you from being scratched. The sharpness of the coral I will not describe much, although not 100% will be scratched, but my heavenly idiom is well said to be prepared. In addition, it is also known as the jellyfish clothing, because after wearing a layer of snorkeling clothing protection, jellyfish injury can be avoided when snorkeling.

- 1 things n use: snorkeling clothing can be used in addition to snorkeling, can also be used in yoga, fitness, running, swimwear, hot springs and other different occasions, powerful, a fetish.