Things That Full Face Snorkel Masks Are Not So Good With

- Feb 27, 2018 -

CONS | Things that full face Snorkel masks aren't so good with

These masks are designed for leisurely snorkeling on the surface in relatively calm water. As with traditional style masks, water will enter the snorkel if you lean your head too far forward, as this doesn't allow the float to rise as intended. The float system only works when the snorkel is in a vertical position.

Do not buy these if you're thinking you can use it while swimming laps. These are simply not designed for this, and you'll be disappointed with its performance.

These are not designed for Free Diving. Due to the volume of air inside the face cavity of the mask, it will quickly become uncomfortable below depths of 10 feet.

Beards will allow water to enter the mask. This applies to both traditional masks and full face snorkel masks. Beards create tiny spaces that allow water to slowly seep in.

Even if it feels like a tight seal, a fringe or long hair trapped between the silicone of the mask and your skin will allow water to get inside the mask. When putting on the mask, make sure you clear long hair completely out of the way.

As with all underwater sports, always breath in an even, calm way. When swimming longer distances to get to a new snorkel location, remove the mask. Heavy breathing/exercising is less effective in full face mask designs.