The Main Classification Of Life Jackets

- Nov 09, 2017 -


1. Marine life Jackets (Marine lifejacket), (boat children's life jackets (Marine child lifejacket)), suitable for the life-saving use of sea-going coastal and inland rivers, and the buoyancy of lifejacket is more than 113N, after soaking in water for 24 hours, The buoyancy loss of lifejacket should be less than 5%. Buoyancy material for life jackets: polyethylene foam. The new marine lifejacket is a new life vest designed and manufactured in accordance with the requirements of IMO MSC207 (81) and MSC200 (80), which was implemented on July 1, 2010.

2. Marine working life Jackets (Marine work lifejacket), suitable for the work of various coastal and inland river personnel. The buoyancy loss of life vest is less than 5% after 24 hours immersed in water with lifejacket buoyant more than 75N.

3. Leisure Life Vest: Also known as water sports life jackets (Water Sports lifejacket), fabric more use neoprene composite materials, a variety of color matching, stylish and beautiful. Mainly applicable to water play, learning to swim, drifting, fishing and so on to wear life-saving protection.


Commonly used are marine life jackets. Eva foaming material is used internally, after compression 3D stereo molding, its thickness of about 4 centimeters (domestic production is 5-6 thin hair material, thickness about 5-7 centimeters). Life jackets, manufactured in accordance with standard specifications, have a buoyancy standard: typically 7.5 kg/24 hours for adults and 5 kilograms/24 hours for children to ensure that the chest is above the surface.

How to use: The life vest whistle bag outward to wear on the body, pulls the zipper, the hand pulls tightly the front collar strap, binds the good neck belt, the award under the tie belt in the predecessor left and right crosses fastens;

Use color: The bright color of a lifejacket or the color of a fluorescent ingredient can irritate the optic nerve. may be related to the wavelength of this color, it is easy to accept people's eyes and not easily confused by other colors. This will be more conspicuous. So wearing a life jacket in case of an accident, it is easy to be found, can quickly implement the rescue.

For aviation

Inflatable life Vest is to pull the inflatable device by pulling the rope, so that the lever to not less than 90 degrees, puncture needle broken high-pressure gas cylinders (disposable, replaceable) in the diaphragm, high-pressure carbon dioxide gas into the air bag, gas expansion after the buoyancy, so as to achieve the purpose of lifesaving. Inflatable life jackets are mainly composed of sealed inflatable vest airbags, miniature high-pressure cylinders and quick air valves, which are often used in the work that is likely to fall into the water. Under normal conditions (not inflated), the whole inflatable life vest is like banded wear, dressed in the shoulders of people, because small size, does not hinder the freedom of people's work; Once in the water, in the water to meet the danger of the need for buoyancy in the emergency time, according to the role of water automatically inflated inflatable (fully automatic inflatable lifejacket), Or use the hand to pull the gas valve on the cable (manual inflatable Life vest), will be completed in 5 seconds to inflate the production of volume kg buoyancy, up to the body, so that the head of the water, the shoulders exposed, timely access to security.