New Snorkeling Mask Makes Breathing Underwater A Snap

- Jan 22, 2018 -

Everyone loves snorkeling at the beach, but no one like the fogged up goggles or the weird feeling of only being able to breathe through your mouth.

Just in time for summer, Tribord, a French aquatic sports company, has released the Easybreath mask—a new type of snorkeling gear that the company claims allows for easier breathing and better visibility under the sea. The website even boasts that you can breathe as "easily and naturally" underwater as you would on land.

The revolutionary idea breaks away from the traditional goggles and tube with a futuristic all-in-one design. 

Instead of just breathing through your mouth, the Easybreath full-face design allows you breathe through your nostrils too. The head piece allows for a full 180-degree-range so you won’t miss that sea turtle swimming by.  

It also has a double airflow system that prevents mask fogging, and a built-in component that automatically plugs the top end of the snorkel when it's immersed.

Don’t believe the hype? The new mask is so impressive that it took home first prize at the 2014 Oxylane Innovation Awards—an international competition that vets new products related to recreational sporting goods.

For the stylish snorkeler, the Easybreath comes in five different colors to match any wet suit or bikini.

But you may have to go to Europe to pick one up. Tribord announced via Twitter that it does not yet have the capacity to ship the product worldwide.