Introduction To Beach Shoes

- Nov 09, 2017 -

The beach shoes are connected by two parts of the upper and sole. Upper part of the use of cotton fiber or polyester fabric, its advantages are elastic, not easy to absorb water, in swimming can reduce the resistance of water. Shoes need to be partially equipped with a fastening belt, its function is to make the beach shoes and feet of the concave part of the bottom can be tightly affixed together, so that shoes and feet form one, more effectively reduce the resistance to the foot in swimming. The bottom of the foot is made of soft, ultra-thin rubber outsole, which is designed to prevent the bottom of the shell or hard stones from being scratched by marine animals, and also to allow the wearing to experience the wonderful feeling of barefoot tread on the beach.

With the improvement of people's living standards, to the seaside tourism become one of the first tourism projects, eating seafood, bathing is a necessary activity. In order to avoid the beach on the sea animals such as crustaceans or stones, such as hard to stab the foot, often people wear slippers, and wear slippers City travel is inconvenient, and cumbersome, so invented beach shoes can replace the use of slippers, but also in the water directly wear. Beach shoes wear comfortable, breathable, simple structure, very easy to produce, the market prospects are enormous.

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