How To Maintain Beach Shoes

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Nowadays, beach shoe brand, style, material is dazzling, price from more than 10 to hundreds of pieces, really a bit let the buyer at a loss. But no matter what kind of beach shoes you choose, as long as it is properly maintained, it can prolong the service life of the shoes.

1. Flat is wearing the beach shoes do not put the heel of the fixed shoelace under the feet. A lot of people will wear beach shoes as slippers, a long time, the fixed belt of shoes will be trampled bad, shoes will also be deformed.

2. Try not to wear beach shoes for vigorous exercise. Like playing basketball, playing football, try to wear special shoes, and good beach shoes can not be used as football shoes oh.

3. Mountaineering outing as far as possible not to sharp stone and other sharp things on, to avoid long time will be beach shoes in the water, or in the sun exposure, camping attention do not let fire, so as to avoid discoloration, deformation, accelerated aging.

4. Do not lend the beach shoes to the feet bigger than your feet wear, hehe, eight of people in the dormitory you wear me, I wear your is often the matter, but still should try to avoid oh.

5. Avoid contact with chemical substances, such as alcohol, sulfuric acid, chemical substances or water should be cleaned in time.

6. Beach shoes dirty should be timely cleaning, cleaning attention do not use brush force cleaning, should be repeated water rinse, and then wipe dry with a dishcloth, put the ventilation place dry, shoes body drop line or short-term should be timely mended.