Features Of Beach Shoes

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Summer, a variety of anti-velvet and suede leather has become the shoe market sales slack in the bright spot. In the shoe market, already very deserted shops, colorful suede leather is placed in a conspicuous position. These suede leathers are mainly used in the production of beach shoes. This is also the key to the anti-suede leather. Uppers: webbing/anti-stinky elastic cloth; Sole: EVA, rubber; features: Designed for people who love outdoor sports, simple and comfortable. The bandage system is the front "-" after "X" type, using Double-layer design, the inner layer is very soft and comfortable, and has a good deodorant function of four elastic cloth; the African-patterned printed nylon outer layer is beautiful and wearable; the damping function of Eva midsole is very good, and the anti odor effect is enhanced, and the large bottom is the "toread" designed and developed by the Pathfinder. Soles, non-slip, wear-resistant, sucker-type particle design more suitable for Chinese terrain features, grip better.

According to the designers of shoe-making enterprises, the main features of beach shoes are five:

1. According to ergonomics design shoes, shoes can be adjusted, suitable for all kinds of foot-type guests;

2. Lightweight, soft, shock-absorbing good;

3. The sole is extremely rich in toughness and durability;

4. Spacious shoe interior space;

5. Mildew, deodorant, breathable, waterproof, moisture absorption, fast drying, whether rainy or wild, and other conditions are no problem.

While the suede and suede are soaked in sweat and rainwater, they will not slip, making them the preferred fabric for many beach shoe designers.