Different Equipments

- Apr 08, 2018 -


Non-mechanical equipment generally does not have any moving parts and is usually small. Most hand-held tools and utensils fall into this category that includes knives, mixing bowls and spoons.



Because many kitchen tasks are time consuming and repetitive, many kitchens also have a variety of mechanical devices in order to make these tasks easier. Most of these pieces of equipment are small enough to either be held in the hand or moved around freely. A good example of this type of equipment would be a mandolin.



Finally there is powered equipment. These pieces of equipment need electricity, gas or steam to work. Some power equipment, like electric knives, are small and are hand-held. Others, like ovens, are so large and heavy that they are fixed in one spot.

Most powered equipment with moving parts, like mixers and blenders, are driven by electricity. Ovens, boilers and steamers, which have few moving parts but generate heat, are usually powered by gas, wood or electricity.

Improvements in the design and manufacture of powered equipment have meant that one person can do the work of several people in a very short time. Also some tasks are performed better by machine than could ever be done by hand.