Beauty Skin

- Mar 05, 2018 -

Women like new challenges are also more and more, in fact, there are unique diving beauty massage for women. People in the water will not sweat basically, reducing the salt in sweat skin irritation. At the same time, the skin through the water and waves of flapping and red hot, which makes the telangiectasia, can improve the function of the subcutaneous blood vessels, has a special massage effect, can reduce skin relaxation and aging, the skin smooth, lubricated, rich elasticity.

Recreational divers use pure air that has been compressed into bottles after multiple purifications, which is equivalent to "washing" the lungs for urban populations exposed to atmospheric pollution; diving has been very popular in Japan as MM The deeper the potential, the purer the oxygen breathed from the cylinder. The high purity of oxygen can restore fatigue and reduce skin wrinkles. Beauty effect obviously yo!