A Brief Introduction To Life Jackets

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Life jackets, also known as lifesaving vests, are a kind of jacket clothing, designed like vests, using nylon fabric or neoprene (NEOPRENE), buoyant materials or inflatable materials, reflective materials, etc. The General Service life is 5-7 years, is one of life-saving equipment on board, airplane. Usually vest type, made of foam or cork. The body is buoyant enough to allow the head of a drowning person to surface.

Basic configuration Parameters

1. With Night (SOS) Rescue lights

2. Inflatable mode: Manual

3. CO2 gas tank: 2 (Specific configuration)

4. Airbag: 2 (Specific configuration)

5. In accordance with the ccar.tso-c13f requirements of the life vest is made of international general PU adhesive. Apply to water lifesaving.

Principle of action

1. Buoyant material filling life vest, namely uses nylon or neoprene to make the material, fills in the middle buoyancy materials.

2. Inflatable life jacket: The use of high strength waterproof material made of, similar to inflatable life buoy or swimming ring principle. Separate automatic inflatable or passive inflatable type. But this life vest most should pay attention to is: absolutely avoids the sharp matter to pierce or grinds the waterproof layer, after the air leakage will cause the disastrous serious consequence.