Which full face snorkel masks to avoid

- Mar 05, 2018 -

Which full face snorkel masks to avoid?

When choosing any full face mask, go for ones with a flat viewing section. Full face masks with a curved viewing area distort the view and sometimes make people feel dizzy. You'll notice ALL of the expensive, quality brands have a flat viewing section.

Two full face snorkel masks in particular to AVOID are the Azorro and the Neopine. Forget the misleading 4 and 5 Star reviews on Amazon. These masks are made of very poor quality materials, and will cause nothing but disappointment. They are not recommended at all.

If you're unsure of any cheap snorkel mask, go to the Amazon star ratings and click on the 1-Star ratings. This will show you all the 1-star reviews. Many knock-off snorkel masks made in China are very poor quality. This is where a bargain is NOT a bargain. Camera mounts are not well made, snorkel tubes break when you're trying to detach, and the mask joins are so poorly made that they leak in places they just shouldn't.

Masks with solid colored silicone nose and mouth chambers will cut down on your view. Go for ones with clear or near clear silicone.