What about really low priced full face snorkels

- Feb 24, 2018 -

What about really low priced full face snorkels?

Just like traditional snorkel masks, many of the cheaper brands come with their drawbacks.

A lot of lower priced brands won't last as long as a quality, branded full face mask. If the material is poor quality, the fit of the silicone (or plastic) skirt that creates the seal with your face won't be as good. This will cause leaking, fogging and frustration. 

Less flexible material means you need to adjust the straps so they are super tight just to create a seal that equals a quality mask with a softer silicone skirt. This puts extra pressure on your forehead, cheeks and the bridge of your nose, making it very uncomfortable to wear.

Another common problem with some of the cheaper masks is that the ball-float can get stuck in the snorkel piece causing the airflow to stop.

There are also cheap versions using the words Easybreath, or 180 seaview or panoramic in their branding in an attempt to cash-in on the better known brands. These are all imported from China and made with inferior quality materials. Most of these are not made well and will fog, leak and fall apart. 

If you dig a bit deeper into their reviews, you'll find complaints on how the cheap full face mask don't live up to expectations.