Types of diving masks

- Nov 09, 2017 -

The diving mask can improve the diver's eyesight in the water, and also play the role of not allowing the eye and face to be stimulated by water. The mask has a full hood and a half mask.

1. Full cover

The eye, nose, and Ming Ministry of the whole Army live mask called the full cover also known as nasal mask. A comprehensive cover for easy diving is also fitted with a simple breathing tube. The full cover of the official diving is fitted with various components and related devices connected to the gas supply regulator. Some complete enclosures are also fitted with internal mouth (also known as buccal) and inner masks as required.

2. Half mask

The half mask is also called the eye nose Mask or the simple mask, it only has the eye and nose, the mouth is exposed outside the mask, the mouth can be used to contain the gas supply regulator or simple breathing tube of the bite Shu.