The difference between a semi dry and a fully-dried diving mirror

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Wet type:

In fact, is a pipe plus a mouth, water must be a swimmer out of the air gush out, such a simple breathing tube for swimming skills and study of the snorkeling is not difficult, but for beginners, it is very likely to be unable to breathe the tube water spray clean and water.

Semi-Dry type:

It is in the front of the mouth has a valve to prevent water into the mouth, but there is still water in the tube, breathing a little resistance, but in the diving beyond the depth of the breathing tube, can avoid water directly into the mouth, is the most easy to get started beginners equipment.

Full Dry Type:

The whole dry type is in the tube before the valve is set out only, keep the pipe not water. belongs to the better breathing tube, at the top of the pipe inlet, add a one-way intake valve, we call it all dry breathing tube, because there is this one-way valve, even if the pipe whole root in the water, will not water. However, more than one part, the resistance of the suction is certainly a little larger. The top of the active floating valve, once the water is about to drown the breathing tube, the valve will be due to buoyancy and closed the nozzle, to prevent water.