The biggest danger for snorkelers is small yachts and speed boats.

- Jan 29, 2018 -

The biggest danger for snorkelers is small yachts and speed boats. Snorkeling is often buried underwater, only their breathing tube exposed on the water. As these vessels cruise where snorkelers snorkel, the possibility of collisions exists. Sailing and surfers are also dangerous because their drive system is so quiet that the snorkel may not know they are nearby, as opposed to the sound of a motor boat being able to travel far underwater. Snorkeling may be hit by these boats. Only a few places separate the snorkelers from these boats, so snorkelers should wear brightly colored and reflective clothing and mark them easily for boats and others to see.

The back of a snorkel may sunburn for a long time but he himself does not notice it. Wear the appropriate clothes to protect yourself from sunburn.

Dehydration is another danger. Therefore, it is recommended to snorkel drink plenty of water, especially if he intends to snorkel for a long time. Drinking water can prevent spasms.

Snorkeling may occur hyperventilation syndrome, leading to shallow water shock. Snorkeling with peers can help to avoid this situation.

Snorkeling near coral reefs takes care not to touch the corals and the toxic creatures that live there, and snorkelers here should wear gloves and be careful. Shoes and flippers are particularly useful on shallow reefs, where snorkelers can wear them to the depths.

For the sake of ecological protection, coral should also be avoided to prevent them from being damaged.