Short fins and long flippers

- Nov 09, 2017 -

1. Short fins

The short webbed fins are 3 to 5 centimeters long, with an area not exceeding 32x16 cm. Short flippers are ideal for practicing freestyle and backstroke, and the butterfly's water exercises. Because the webbed space is shorter, the area of the enlarged contact water is not very big, the frequency of using the short fins and the use of the fins is almost no difference, which produces less dependence. If in order to find a better sense of water, you can put on the short fins to draw water slowly, pay attention to the parts and feelings of exerting force, and not too much attention to speed, not too big leg, should be consistent with the empty feet, legs can not be lifted off the surface. Stretch the ankle as far as possible, and use the fins to increase the cross-sectional area of the water to experience a better whip-like feel, in order to avoid dependence, wearing fins to find the feeling after a lap, take off the fins and water a lap, just the feeling used for empty feet water, pick and wear two kinds of feeling repeatedly confirmed, and finally make the right water action. Wearing flippers is easy to help us "remember" the characteristics of the leg technology. After removing fins, the "memory" of the leg's technical features remains deep in the brain. If it is to enhance the strength of the legs, you can wear short fins to carry out the explosive exercise, such as 10x25 rice or 8x50 rice fast kick, the longest distance not more than 100 meters, the total amount does not exceed the training amount of 20%, if the amount of excess will cause leg muscle overload, resulting in water strength and Long-term use of short flippers training, ankle ligament is a certain degree of traction, can gradually improve the flexibility of the ankle joint, but also can effectively strengthen the strength of the ankle whipping action. When swimming freestyle, backstroke or butterfly, the flexibility of ankle and its motion amplitude and intensity have great effect on the speed of travel. The tests showed that the flexibility and amplitude of the ankle were significantly increased after a period of athlete's flippers training, which was 20,135 higher than that of the average athlete (without fins).

2. Standard specification fins (long flippers)

The width of the standard fins (long flippers) is 1 to 1.5 times times that of the foot, and the webbed fins are not longer than the length of the foot, which is mainly used to learn the wave motions of the Butterfly and Breaststroke (frog). Because of the increase in the water area, the effect of the wave is amplified, so that the swimmer can quickly realize the fluctuation of the body. Use to have consciousness to control the amplitude of the leg bending, feel the waist and thighs dragging the main fins forward. Due to the increase in the area of water exerting force, make the legs become very efficient, but the frequency and empty feet are inconsistent, too much wear, easy to form dependence. Also should wear fins to play a lap, and then pick down to play a circle, alternating repeatedly, so that without fins can also accurately find the point of exerting force, form a good body wave.