Safety precautions on snorkeling

- Jan 20, 2018 -

Snorkeling there are many security risks, be sure to read the following precautions carefully!

1. Undercurrent and coral:

Undercurrent is the deadliest, every year students have been killed (including all islands, from Mauritius to the Maldives every year, Chinese snorkeling killed!) ~ You can understand the undercurrent as a very strong stream, it will get you involved Under the sea, or let you keep away from the coastline! So when snorkeling must understand the local environment, we must look at the hotel's logo! (If the danger is written above, do not swim, do not run silly yourself because it looks safe! If you do not write ... then check out the island map and see where the places are for snorkeling and choose where! - or , At least a little more people choose a little place! C ck in time you will give you an island map, which marked the place is not suitable, those places are suitable), In addition, students should pay more attention to the rainy season, the rainy season When the current will be longer! ! Be sure to see the beach's reminder signs, do not blind to the sea red!

In addition to the undercurrent, the current itself is also very dangerous, if we read more than 10 snorkeling travels, we will certainly find that some students mentioned that "...... Unconsciously travel far .......... Desperate ... .. "This story is not because of the protagonist physical strength difference! Is because the current is too strong (mostly in the snorkeling point), he / she snorkelling while watching the fish, the result is far away ... After only confrontation currents! Solution: multi-headed + flippers to promote + life jackets.

Coral is the most easily let you hurt, this is common sense, in general you will be injured in two cases, one is that you try to touch the rock, whether you want to climb up from the sea, or unintentional, you touched , The hand is likely to be scratched, because the rock wall has a layer of sharp shell or what the sea creatures! So do not try to touch the rock (P.S rock is either sharp, or so slippery, you wrestle on it). In the other case, the water is subdued, the coral beneath, and your snorkeling because the water is too light and your legs can easily be scratched by corals as you swim hard or try to stand up.

2. Boat and propeller

This situation is when you are in a snorkeling point, jumped from the boat, we must not be silly fish have been buried! Please look up from time to time to see where the boat is, not here to say that the boat has gone away or is far away, and you have been thrown away, saying it is easy for the boat to float to your side and then you hit it. There are classmates leg was propeller scratch case, please pay attention)

3. Mask and breathing tube

Before using it for the first time, please feel it in shallow water or even in the hotel's swimming pool! Do not realize your first time in the deep sea! Because most of my classmates started to choke the water because they did not master well, the feeling of choking the sea was too bad, so I had to adapt myself to the fresh water! (Mask must bring good, do not let the hair stuck, although the hair wire is fine, but also make the mirror into the water).

For snorkel, island rent is generally not ideal, so this must buy their own ~ In fact, I suggest that they bought with the past, the right size, but also health, the key is not expensive ~ You can buy from the local commodity market, you can From Decathlon to buy, but also from the island a lot (Note: a beach travel goods shopping site) seaside stores to buy. The difference should be in the material and durability, if in recent years to go to an island tour, then buy a cheap no problem.