Rowing is one of the water sports

- Jan 25, 2018 -

Rowing is one of the water sports. One or more paddlers sitting on a boat use their muscular power to paddle the paddles and the paddle as levers, so that the dinghy runs behind the paddlers Rowing sport. Rowing and more in rivers and lakes and other natural waters.

The origin of rowing is considered to be a simple rowing race of the 18th century in Europe, where the regular competition started in 1829 and the intercollegiate rowing competition between Oxford University and Cambridge University. This traditional rowing competition, which takes place every year on the natural River Thames, has so far lasted for nearly 170 years.

Water sports also include kayaking, kayaking is the use of paddle-free paddles in accordance with certain rules to promote various types of boats forward a sport. Canoe is divided into hydrostatic kayak and whitewater kayaking, were used fat boat and rubber kayak two canoe. Kayaking is an official Olympics event with 12 gold medals at the Olympic Games.

Windsurfing is also one of the water sports. China's modern sailing began in 1978, China's first windsurfing was born in 1979 in Qingdao Aviation School; to carry out sailing is mainly coastal provinces, there are a handful of provinces and cities along the Great Lakes.

Motorboat water sports include racing (sports), sports (boats), yachts (boats), motor boats, jet skis, air cushion boats, jet boats, electric boats and other sports.