Related knowledge of diving goggle

- Nov 09, 2017 -

1. When wearing

The left side of the mirror is worn through the glue ring or quick buckle on the breathing tube, which is designed to keep the tube head up and to avoid the mouth breathing tube when the snorkel is submerged.

2. Face the choice of mirror: Put the mask on the face (do not let the hair cover in the inside, this will affect the leak-proof performance), gently inhale with the nose, the mirror can always suction on the face is suitable (the process of the nose can not exhale). The vast majority of people do not need to choose a face mirror for their own face, but a few are not. What kind of people pay special attention to? The face is noticeably smaller than the average person, or obviously thin and narrow as a knife face (more common among foreigners), these people need a narrow face (or juvenile), the face of a special width also need to choose a mask wide mirror, because the relatively wide mask will block the left and right corners of the eye, which affects the line of sight.

3. The Mirror of the tape: The face mirror of the silicone mask affixed face, sunscreen will also have some influence on the mask, but not obvious, and by tightening the tape to strengthen the close of the mask. You can only breathe with your mouth after wearing a good face mirror.

4. The water problem of the face mirror: When you float for a while, there will be a bit of water in the nasal tip of the mirror; this is normal, and a good dive mirror will not be able to guarantee that the submerged part of the veneer is completely anhydrous when the water pressure is under water. But if it's not just the tip of the nose, it's definitely not on.

5. Mirror of the Mist: the human eye and nasal cavity is water, some water in the snorkeling will become water vapor. Because of the difference in temperature between the air in the mirror and the seawater, the vapor will form a mist on the glass in the mirror. This can affect vision, and snorkeling in complex waters can also pose a danger. Usually, you can use saliva before snorkeling to paint the glass in the mirror, but from our snorkeling experience this is only about 10 minutes of effect, the result is that the process of snorkeling is often used to paint saliva, with a good special aerosol aging can reach a day. In addition, wash lotion, shower gel, detergent can be achieved very good fog effect.

6. Surface mirror oil film removal: The new mirror usually has a layer of oil film protection, the presence of this layer of oil film will increase the likelihood of fog, and affect the effectiveness of aerosol. Then you can use the toothpaste, and then gently wipe with a soft cloth to remove the oil film.