Personal snorkeling experience sharing

- Jan 22, 2018 -

1. snorkeling try to wear knee shorts and long-sleeved clothes. First, sunscreen, snorkeling is very easy to be sunburn, so the exposed parts of the neck and other must be half an hour before the water wipe sunscreen. Second, scratch-resistant, snorkeling in the encounter if the rocks and the like, it is easy to be scratched above shellfish.

2. snorkeling is best to bring their own gloves, one is easy to grasp things, the other is close to the rocks need to hold or stabilize the body will not be sharp scratches on the rocks (because there are always waves push you To push it, it is easy to hit the rocks). General work gloves can be.

3. Never wave in the wave activities, select the side or rear. If the waves are big, you are very easy to be beaten to the rocks, ranging from scratching and scratching, while the direct coma.

4. Most of the snorkel tubes currently rented are wet tubes. There is no water-proof design in the upper part of the tube (there will be anti-wave, but if it enters the water it will still invade). So when you float underwater in the water, be careful not to be buried. Most of this happens as you suddenly see what's appealing to you as you move forward, but some swim, so subconsciously immersive look. As long as more than 90% of the time to do this action breathing tube will water, and you will encounter the situation is: want to breathe, but found that the mouth sucked in all the sea water. Do not panic at this moment (if you are in a hurry, you already have a foot into the hell). All you have to do is get ready, spit it out quickly (not too small). This will blow most of the water out of the breathing tube (the general snorkel has such a design). Then when you breathe again, there will be basically no sea water. If you've already done the above, find that there is still a lot of sea water when breathing and there is no way to breathe. Shen gas! Quickly turned his head to the water to breathe, people into erect, legs with a freestyle slow water, keep the attitude. And hand to cooperate, the people adjusted back to the waves, so that you can smooth out of danger.

5. If the head is on the sea, want to take the goggles away to relax face, do not move it to his forehead. But down, let it hang around the neck, or surf the goggles easily disappear.

Hope you have a pleasant snorkeling trip!