How to choose a diving goggle for your own

- Nov 09, 2017 -

The light is different from the air in the water, and the focal length of the eye is based on the light in the air, so the human eye cannot focus on the bottom. The mirror preserves the cavity and creates a space like a window into the underwater world, allowing you to see underwater things. How to choose a diving mirror suitable for your own?

1. The choice of mirror is not difficult, but must try to wear. The mirror must match to ensure comfort and avoid leakage. The suitability of the mirror is much more important than the function or color. If you use an inappropriate or uncomfortable mirror, it will distract you from the entire dive and be distracted.

2. The peripheral vision of the mirror is determined by the shape and volume of the mirror, and also by the color of the wafer and the number of lenses. Silicone edges should be soft edges to ensure comfort and improve good sealing.

3. There are many types of mirror styles, such as simple round or oval, also has a smaller space and a broader view of the new style. The three-face mirror is to add small lenses on both sides to improve the peripheral vision. Generally the most commonly selected face mirror for sticking face mirror, its design let pinch nasal part and lens part, pinch nose prominent mirror, make the lens closer to face, form smaller space and wider field of vision, with easy to do pressure balance pinch nose action.

4. Some lenses are specially coated or dyed to prevent fog or make the bottom color look more natural.

Choose the mirror you need, and you can follow these steps as follows:

1. Take the mirror around the lens first.

2. Gently paste the mirror on your face and look forward. The whole lap should be evenly taped to your face.

3. Inhale gently through the nose. The mirror should be comfortable to adsorb in the face, even if you turn your head or shake it off without losing suction or loosening.

Buy a good face mirror, before the next dive need to do a mirror mist removal. All new mirrors will have a protective film during the production process, which needs to be rubbed off before use, or fog will be on the lens when diving. Clear the oil film, with a soft cloth with a bit of toothpaste inside and outside the lens gently wipe, or with other small particles and low corrosive detergent cleaning agent, so as not to scratch the lens.