Functional application of Lifejacket

- Nov 09, 2017 -

Lifejacket is a life-saving garment designed like a vest, made of buoyant or inflatable material. Life jackets, marine life jackets, marine lifejacket (marinelifejacket) Marine lifejacket (Marinechildlifejacket) Life jackets for sea-going coastal and inland river all kinds of personnel lifesaving use lifejacket buoyancy is greater than 113N, after soaking in water for 24 hours, The buoyancy loss of lifejacket should be less than 5%. Buoyancy Materials for life jackets: Polyethylene Foam ship working life jackets, life jackets, working life jackets (marineworklifejacket) life jackets are suitable for all types of people working in coastal and inland waters. The buoyancy of life jackets is more than 75N. After 24 hours of immersion in water, the loss of buoyancy of the lifejacket should be less than 5%. Buoyancy material for life jackets: polyethylene foam. Water sports Clothes (watersportslifejacket) play a protective role when playing.

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